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Leaf Removal Expectations


If you ever raked leaves before, you know this can be a dreaded time consuming chore. When you consider hiring someone, the botton line is "What will it cost?". Most will have sticker shock when comparing prices for the first time. Leaf cleanups can take as little as 1 hour to several hours to complete depending on the conditions at the time of service. If you are one of those who wait till the last leaf to fall, a one-time cleanup could make your eyes pop out our of your head when a company quotes you a price. There are many factors involved when pricing leaf removal. The top 2 are the size of your property and the amount of leaves you have at the time of service. Other factors include, how often you want your leaves cleaned up and how thorough of a job do you expect.

When contacting someone for an estimate, be sure to ask a lot of questions. Many individuals or companies will advertise for "Leaf Removal". Those 2 words can be questionable? Be sure to ask if they actually remove your leaves or simply mulch your leaves with a mower and leave them scattered across your lawn to decompose over the winter. Of course, mulching leaves is very good for your lawn and is typically the cheaper option. On the other hand, mulching dense leaves will smother your lawn and could cause bare spots in your yard come next spring. We will not mulch leaves if they are too dense or wet. Also, you must have an area large enough to spread the mulched leaves across your lawn. This method would take several passes from a mower and could put ruts in your yard if the ground is too wet or soft.

We always recommend maintaining your leaves on a routine basis starting in early November, weekly or at least every other week. The benefits of having routine service, is your leaves will not pile up, plus keep your lawn healthy and neat. Not to mention, more manageable from a budget standpoint. The longer you wait to have your leaves cleaned up, the more expensive it typically is. Also, the later in the season you wait, leaves will become matted and start to decompose. This will make removal efforts more difficult to cleanup, especially when temperatures are near or below freezing.

What separates us from the others is how thorough our service is, we will meet or succeed your expectations. We have the equipment to deep clean your property, we will blow, rake, vacuum, and/or whatever it takes to get those unwanted leaves out of your yard per visit. Even remove those leaves in and around your bushes and landscapes per your request. Before we give you a quote, we will first discuss your options and determine what option best fits your overall needs. Below, we list 4 choices to give you a idea of what to expect with each option we offer.



Pick an option below and we will remove as many leaves as we can in the allotted time frame.
Option A:
Remove 98% of leaves from areas you request.

Option B: (Best value for the price)
Remove 90% of leaves from areas you request.

Option C:
Remove 80% of leaves from areas you request.

Option D: (If area and conditions permit)
Mulch leaves with mower from areas you request.


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