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Frequently Asked Questions with honest answers

We try to anticipate questions or concerns you might have and provide the answers below. To help you understand, some answers may contain unrelated examples.  If you can't find what you are looking for or unclear about any information we provided, please contact us with any questions, concerns, or comments.  Any feedback is greatly appreciated. 



The Million Dollar Question, Why should I hire your company?

We feel confident the services we offer will meet or exceed your expections with in a budget that will "fit the bill".  We will provide reliable friendly service and treat your property as if it was our own.  We always try to do our best to accommodate any special request and pay attention to those with any pet peeves. 


Am I under any obligation requesting a free estimate?

All estimates and quotes are absolutely free with no obligation.  No hassle, no pressure, no strings attached... Guaranteed.  The information you submit to us is solely for estimating and reference purposes only.  We are not pushy salespeople, telemarketers, or send unsolicated emails.  Initial contact from us is tpyically with in 24 hours with a brief summary of the service(s) you requested and a ballpark estimate based on what we charge other customers with similiar properties in your area. 


Who will I be dealing with at your company?

First and foremost, we are an independent contractor, you will be primary dealing with the owner/operator and office manager/dispatcher.  This will give you peace of mind knowing we will provide you with the best service possible.


Why do I have to make payments in advance (prepay)?

Although you might not be a person that would not pay your bill, others don't always.  We are in the lawn service business and not a collection agency.  This prepaid policy helps us keep our overall costs down so we can continue to give our customers the best rate possible.  


Do I have to sign a contract?

Let's not use the word "Contract".  We like the term "Agreement".  Most agreements are verbal communication unless either of us request a written agreement. By signing an agreement, both of us are protected and there is no misunderstanding arising out of verbal communication.


Can I cancel your service without penalty?

You can cancel our service without penalty at any time.  Any unused money in your account will be refunded to you.


Can I change the terms of my aggreement without penalty?

You can change your service without penalty at anytime.  If you signed up for a requested service and change your mind at a later time, we will commodate your request accordingly.


Why is your prices higher or lower than other companies?

Not all lawn service companies are the same.  Every company offers a variety of services with a level of expertise.  Other factors include, the man power to complete the project or task, what type of equipment used on the property, the location of the property, along with other overhead expenses.  Their pricing structure is based around these factors.  Please do not base your decision on price alone.  We highly recommend getting estimates or quotes from other companies.  Weigh out the pros and cons with each company and go with the company that fits your overall needs. 


Is your company insured?

Anytime you consider hiring a contractor to perform any work on your property, it is important to verify they have insurance or you may be responsible if an accident or injury occurs while the contractor is working on your property.  If the contractor is insured, their insurance company should cover any structural damages to your property or a neighbor's property directly due to contractor error.  We will gladly supply a Certificate of Insurance from our insurance agent per request. 


Is your company liable for damages to the health of my property?

Please understand we are a lawn service company, not a lawn care company.  We are not liable for damage or poor health of your lawn, plants, and trees on your property.  Lawns can have soil problems, insect problems, lawn diseases, weed problems, the list is endless.  These problems especially arise during drought conditions.  We will try to notify you of any noticeable problems so you have the option to take corrective action. 


Weekly service or bi-weekly service, which do you recommend? 

If you do not water and/or fertilize your lawn on a regular basis, most customers tend to request bi-weekly service.  If you water and/or fertilize your lawn on a regular basis, we recommend to mow your lawn every week.  Please note that bi-weekly service is slightly higher priced than weekly service due to your lawn is not cut as often and the grass lenght tends to be longer than normal.  Which takes a little extra time to service your property. 


How many times a year does my property need to be mowed?

Mowing season is typically April thru October (7 months).  Mother Nature primary dictates the growth of the lawn.  Also how often the lawn is fertilized and/or watered will play into how often the property should be mowed.  Each year the number of times will vary but on the average is 24 times a year for weekly service and 18 times a year for bi-weekly service. 


I would like to have my lawn mowed as needed instead of a routine schedule. 

Having your property serviced on a as needed basis is fine, along as you notify us before your lawn is considered overgrown (over 6 inches).  Additional charge (typically double) will apply if the lawn is considered overgrown at the time of service.  So please, notify us in advance so we can put you on the schedule.  To avoid the additional charge, let us be the judge.  We will check your property on a routine basis and mow if needed.  Most customers used this option if the house is vacant. 


It is raining or my lawn is very wet on my scheduled service day?

We will try to do our best to service your property on your schedule day but Mother Nature can dictate otherwise.  We will reschedule service as soon as conditions are safe to do so. 


My grass is not growing due to summer drought.  Do I still have to pay for service?

You only pay for what we physically do on your property.  If either of us decide not to mow your lawn and we both agree to skip service, you have the option to skip a payment in partial or in full depending on your payment plan.  If you are on a scheduled plan, we recommend not to skip a payment.  There maybe other things you need done on your property like trimming of bushes and hedges on your property.  Some prefer to continue to pay to reserve funds for leaf cleanup in the fall. 


Why is One-Time or Initial Service higher priced than Scheduled Service?

Typically, One-Time or Initial Service tends to take longer to complete especially if the task/project has not been done for a length of time.  Other factors may include being unfamiliar with the property and unforeseen situations.  After the initial task/project is complete, the next scheduled service will often take less time to complete in which rates should be lower. 


 When do you consider a lawn to be overgrown?

We consider a lawn overgrown when the overall grass/weed height is over 6 inches tall.  Price rates can double for One-Time or Initial Service depending on how overgrown the property is at the time of service. 


I received a notice of violation for high grass and weeds from the county. 

Our understanding is you have 7 days to comply once the notice is posted on the property.  You could face a hefty bill after the 8th day if the county contracts someone to mow your property.  Not paying the bill could result in a $500 tax lien each time you fail to cut your property.  Avoid the fine, we can cut the property at a faction of the cost.  Contact us immediately to get your free estimate.  For more information on Anne Arundel County, Weeded Lot Law <Click Here>.


Can you cut my grass as low as the mower can go? 

We will not cut your grass no lower than 2 and a half inches.  Cutting any lower is a safety concern with hitting rocks and other debris in the yard, which could possibility damage property or even hurt someone.  For added safety we use chute blockers when applicable. 


Can you use a grass catcher on my lawn?

We always recommend mowing your lawn without a grass catcher simply by recycling the grass clippings by means of spreading and/or mulching them as we mow.  We will only use a grass catcher if necessary or if you request us to do so.  You must have curbside yard waste collection service or a spot on your property for yard waste disposal.  We do not haul any yard waste from your property.  Grass catching service is subject to additional cost depending on the volume of waste being removed. 


Why do you charge extra for pet waste removal?

No one likes the duty of cleaning up after their pets.  Leaving pet waste on your property is unheathly for many reasons.  When it comes to servicing your property, pet waste can be very messy either from riding over it or stepping in it and tracking it all over your property.  We have to take the time to clean our equipment and boots so we don't contaminate other customer's properties.  If you do not have the time to remove pet waste before your schedule day, we will police your property for a small extra fee. 


Do you offer string trimming (weed whacker) service only?

We do offer string trimming (if not requesting lawn mowing service) if your property was mowed by you or someone else and just need the areas trimmed that the mower could not reach.  Rates for string trimming vary depending on how much and how high the grass/weeds are at the time of service.  You can schedule routine service to help keep your trimmed area(s) under control. 


I have a pet peeve about clumps of grass being left on my lawn.  What should my expections be after my lawn was mowed by your company?

If you have weekly service, there should be little to none visible grass clippings left on your lawn after being mowed.  If you have bi-weekly service or longer, typcially the grass lenght tends to be longer which you are more likely to see grass clippings spread over your lawn if we mow without a grass catcher.  No matter which service schedule you have, we will "Never" leave unsighltly clumps of grass on your lawn.  We will mow the extra mile or bag your grass clippings if necessary so your property will look as good as possible in the allotted time frame. 


Why are leaf cleanup rates higher than lawn mowing rates?

Leaf removal can be very time-consuming depending how you want your leaves removed from your lawn.  We recommend mulching your leaves until the present of leaves become overwhelming.  At this point, we will discuss your options of what to do with your leaves.  Some properties have areas where we can blow the leaves into while other properties, the leaves must be vacuumed and/or raked up for disposal. 


What should I expect after a one-time leaf removal visit?

We will do our best to cleanup as many leaves as we can during the allotted time frame.  We offer 4 options to best fit your overall needs.  Please note, as wet leaves become matted on your lawn and in your landscapes, they will start to decompose, which will make removal efforts more difficult to cleanup. 


Do you offer leaf cleanup during the winter months?

Depending on Mother Nature, we do offer leaf and debri clean up over the winter months.  Even after all the leaf clean up we do before the holidays, more leaves and debris will collect on your property.  We will come out on a nice day and do what we can to keep your property looking as nice as possible.  In most cases, having service over the winter months minimizes spring clean up.


Do I have to be home while service is being done on my property?

In most cases you do not have to be home for us to service your property as long as we have access to the areas we are servicing. 


What happens if I'm not home and forget to leave the check payment on my day of service?

No worries, after we service your property, we will leave a " Sorry we missed you" door hanger along with a envelope.  Simply put your check in the envelope provided and place it in the mail. 


I own a vacant house for sale and need a reliable company to keep the property maintained until the house is sold?

Based on the service(s) and schedule you request, we will maintain your property until the house is sold.  We will also police your property each visit and notify you of any situations or concerns that may arise.  Curb appeal is very important so keep us posted on upcoming open houses and we will do our best to schedule service a day or two before hand. 


I maintain my own property but need someone to cut the lawn when I'm out of town for a business trip or vacation?

Simply notify us prior to you going out of town so we can put you on the schedule for the upcoming week(s).


Why should I get a Monthly Budget Billing Payment Plan?

This plan is ideal for long term customers with yearly multiple services.  Those who want to make 12 equal payments so they know exactly how much to set aside for budgeting purposes.  Your payments would stay the same as agreed upon unless you cancel or change your service(s) with us.  Plus you'll receive up to 20% Discount on added service(s).  Due to our prepaid policy your account balance must stay in the positive to avoid interruption of service from us. 


Why should I get a Monthly Seasonal Billing Payment Plan?

This plan is ideal for short term customers with seasonal service only.  Those who want to make equal payments between 3 to 6 months so they know exactly how much to set aside for budgeting purposes.  Your payments would stay the same as agreed upon unless you cancel or change your service(s) with us.  Plus you'll receive up to 10% Discount on added service(s).  Due to our prepaid policy your account must stay in the positive to avoid interruption of service from us.


Why should I get a Progress Payment Plan?

This plan is ideal for those requesting a big job on a budget.  Leaf removal, overgrown area cleanups and other time consuming tasks can be expensive.  We are willing to work with you, we will discuss your options and come up with a payment plan that best works for you.  We will break down the job into smaller stages and you can make a progress payment as each stage is complete. This plan is a "Win-Win". 


What exactly is PayPal and Stripe?

Both PayPal and Stripe are a secure online payment processor.  The convience of making payments using your computer or smart phone to transfer funds from your bank account or a credit card to pay your bill. We offer both payment options and let the customer choose which payment processor works better for them. 


What is a ballpark estimate?

A ballpark estimate is to give you an approximate or rough idea of how much it will cost to complete the tasks you requested.  We normally can supply you with a ballpark estimate with in 24 hours after you initially contact us.  We base the ballpark estimate on what we charge other customers with similar properties in your area.  If the ballpark estimate is with in your price range, we will schedule a date and time to see the property and supply you a final quote and discuss any details if needed.