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Lawn Mow & Trim Service
Cutting grass/weeds with a lawn mower.  Mowing heights will vary depending on the type of grass on the property and how often you request service.  Includes string trimming (weed wacking) around buildings and other obstacles on the property.  Blow off of grass clippings and other debris from driveway and sidewalks.
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Budget Cut (Mow Only, No Trim)
Cutting grass/weeds with a lawn mower.  String trimming (weed whacking) not included. 



Deep Edging
Driveways and sidewalks will be edged to maintain a sharp neat appearance, as needed.

Pruning and Trimming
Prune/Trim hedges, bushes, and/or shrubs.

Weed Pulling
Hand pull those unwanted weeds in your landscape beds and gardens.

Mulch Topdressing
Add fresh mulch over your existing area(s) of old and faded mulch.  Most types and/or colors of mulch are available.
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Fall and Spring Cleanup (Leaf Removal)
Removing of leaves from yard, landscape beds and/or gardens by the means of mulching, blowing, vacuum, and/or raking of the property.  Hauling leaves away is subject to addtional fee per pickup truck size load. 
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Gutter Clean-out
One story homes only.  Clearing of leaves and other debris in rain gutters and downspouts (Maximum height of 20 feet).

Litter and Debris Removal
Pickup of cigarette butts and all forms of paper, plastic, aluminum and glass debris from parking lot, sidewalks, lawn and landscape areas.
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Brush Mowing
Mowing down high grass, weeds and saplings on some of the toughest terrrain.  Tackle those hard to reach areas, ditches and hills.
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Overgrown Area Cleanup
Removal or cutting back of overgrown vegetation.  Hauling debris away is subject to additonal fee per pickup truck size load.
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Core Aerating
Lawns up to a quarter acre only.  Aeration relieves soil compaction and improves a healthier turfgrass by removing small 1/2 inch diameter by 2-3 inch long cores of soil from your lawn.
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For existing lawns, spreading of grass seed to improve turf density.  Especially over those bare spots and thinning areas of your lawn.  Core Aeration is recommended to improve seed germination. 

Light Hauling
Remove and haul away piles of branches and other yard waste to the county recycle center.  We also will deliver bulk or bagged mulch, topsoil, sand, stone and other landscaping materials. Weight limit is no more than 1/2 ton (1,000 lbs) per pickup truck size load. 

Fence Repair
Minor repair(s) to most types of fencing.  Gate adjustment or widening of existing gate.  Add a hidden access or other modification.  Removal of old fencing, haul debris away is subject to additional fee per pickup truck size load. 

Small Engine Repair - Mobile Mechanic
Diagnose and perform minor repair(s) to lawnmowers, snow blowers, generators, and other small engine equipment.  We also offer winterize, de-winterize, blade sharpening and other preventive maintenace service(s).  We travel to your home or business to perform diagnostic, service and/or repairs to your equipment.   

Other services
Other services maybe available by request.


Fertilzer and/or Weed Control Services
Seeding and/or Sod Services for new lawns
Plant and/or Shrub Installation
Bug and/or Pest Control Services
Tree and/or Stump Removal Services
Powerwashing Services

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FLAT SERVICE RATE(S) - Lawn Mow & Trim

Weekly Mowing Service (Every 6 to 10 Days)
Starting at $40 per cut* (Most small yards)
Starting at $30 per cut* (Most townhouses)

Bi-Weekly Mowing Service (Every 10 to 14 Days)
Starting at $45 per cut* (Most small yards)
Starting at $35 per cut* (Most townhouses)  

*Your actual rate is calculated based on but not limited to the property location, yard size, terrain level and the schedule you request.  Initial yard cleanup if required and/or the lawn is considered overgrown (over 6 inches), added charge will apply.

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LABOR RATE(S) & FEE(S) - Other Services

Labor Rate(s) - $75 per man hour** (1-Hour Minimum)
If Helper(s) is/are needed - Added $75 per man hour

Field & Brush Mowing - $150 first hour
$75 per hour thereafter

Haul Away Debris Fee - $25 to $50 per load***

Expedited Service - $100 per man hour
If Helper(s) is/are neeed - Added $100 per man hour

** Discounts may apply if requesting multiple services
*** Price varies depending on size and/or weight of debris


WINTER SPECIAL - Janurary through March

Save 50% Off of Summer Rates*
*Does not include Expedited Service  



Monthly Budget Billing (Up to 12 Equal Payments*)
Up to 20% Discount on added service(s)
*Open Enrollment from October through December

Monthly Seasonal Billing (Up to 6 Equal Payments)
Up to 10% Discount on added service(s)

Holidays and Mother Nature dicates our schedule.

One-Time Visit

As Needed Visit(s)

Weekly Visits (Every 6 to 10 days*)

Bi-Weekly Visits (Every 10 to 14 days*)

Semi-Monthly Visits (Every 13 to 17 days*)

Tri-Weekly Visits (Every 17 to 21 days*)

Monthly Visits (Every 26 to 30 days*)

Customized Visits (To meet your needs)

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Prepaid or payment is due at the time services are rendered.


Per Session

Monthly Budget Billing (Up to 12 equal payments*)
*Open Enrollment from October through December

Monthly Seasonal Billing (Up to 6 equal payments)

Progress Payments (Pay-As-You-Go)



Credit Cards are processed by PayPal, in person, card on file or online.  Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.

Personal Checks and Money Orders are accepted in person or by mail.

eChecks (electronic check, online check, internet check and direct debit) is accepted.

Cash is accepted in person only.

Cash App (Mobile Payment Service) not currently accepted at this time.



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