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Mulch Topdressing Service


It's amazing what a little fresh mulch can do for your property!  Not only does it make your landscape beds and gardens look clean and tidy, it helps reduce those unwanted weeds from germinating.  Not to mention a 3 inch layer of mulch will help hold in soil moisture, protecting your plants from drying out quickly.  We offer this service year round, even over the winter to help protect plant roots from the cold and help prevent "Frost-Heaving", in which small plants are literally pushed out of the ground as the soil cools and heats up. 

Dyed Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch readily available in
 Black, Mahogany (Dark Brown) and Red

Our price starts at $150, which includes the delivery and installation up to 1 cubic yard of fresh mulch over your existing area(s) of old and faded mulch.  If more than 1 cubic yard of mulch is needed, an added $75 will apply to each additional half cubic yard.  Price includes general cleanup of area(s) of weeds and other debris before spreading of fresh mulch.  The removal of excessive weeds, debris, bush/shrub trimming and/or bed redefining are subject to added cost of $50 per man hour.  If helper(s) is/are needed, added $30 per man hour will apply.  We offer basic hardwood mulch available in 3 colors: black, mahogany (dark brown) or red.  Other types of mulch, pinestraw, gravel, pebbles, or stone are also available upon request and also subject to additional fee.

Early Bird Special starting at $100
Includes delivery and installation for the first cubic yard of mulch
$50 per half cubic yard of mulch thereafter
Order before March 31, 2022




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